A-Frame Awnings

A-Frame awnings create great entryways, walkways and free standing awnings. Nothing is too complex for us to build, including this walkway canopy. Johns Hopkins asked us to design and build a canopy to protect its staff and patients. Although "temporary" the canopy and curtains are now five years old and have withstood Baltimore's worst snow storms to date. Need something similar? Email us for a FREE estimate today at info@baltimore-canvas.com..

The Walkway Canopy at Johns Hopkins

This walkway canopy with an A-Frame style awning gives extra protection against the weather with its large side panels. A great solution to providing an aesthetically pleasing walkway and weather protection to the patients and employees at Johns Hopkins.

Walkway Canopy

This A-Frame awning was built for Hobbits Glen Golf Club

An A-Frame awning is often used in conjunction with walkway canopies as seen here. It provides the perfect combination of protection and style. Look at the metal work! Baltimore Canvas has a full service metal shop and our framing is strong and long lasting, as well as beautiful!

A-Frame Awnings Aluminum framing

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