Classic Shed Awnings

Classic Shed style awnings are a great way to add protection and design to the front of your building. Because it is the easiest design to fabricate, it is very cost effective and can work with anyone's budget. With so many color choices in awning fabrics- we can create an awning that perfectly matches your business.

Multicolor Sheds

Reflecting the Cutting Edge in Style and Color, these shed style awnings, made with fire-retardant acrylic fabric, utilize custom decorative ends. Multiple colors provide a quaint, main street feel.

Multi Color Sheds

Metal Sheds at Harris Teeter

Metal sheds can create that same look with more strength and longevity. We use Mapes quality materials to fabricate metal awnings.

Metal Shed Awnings

Classic Sheds with custom Framing

Not only do you have unlimited color choices, but we can custom make the frame of the awning to your perfect design. Small details like the arrows on this frame can draw attention to your building and add style to a simple awning.

Metal Shed Awnings

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