Bahama ShutterS

Baltimore Canvas would be happy to assist you with your Commercial Bahama Shutters needs. Our commercial project service area includes MD, DE, PA, VA, and Washington D.C.

Bahama Shutter Highlights :

  • Decorative, architectural style Bahama Shutters are available in a variety of standard colors, widths and heights.
  • Once installed they stay on the store year round.
  • Bahama Shutters provide shade, reducing heat gain and contributing to a more efficient air conditioning system which leads to lower energy costs.
  •  Decorative Bahamas metal shutters on store fronts can be seen on some of the popular restaurant chains.
  •  They are the quickest and most efficient for manufacturing, making them fast to order and get on your store front.

Contact Baltimore Canvas about your Bahamas awning needs, call 410.947.7890 or email

Bahama Shutters Baltimore Canvas Awnings
Bahama Shutters Baltimore Canvas Awnings
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