Mapes Metal Canopies

Enhance your design with the help of Mapes metal canopies provided by Baltimore Canvas. Mapes is the industry leader in metal architectural canopies. For decades we have provided quality Mapes products across MD, D.C., VA, DE, and PA. Mapes Architectural Canopies are all metal, aluminum, hanger rod suspended canopies designed for entrances, shopping centers, loading docks and walkways.

Mapes is the leading manufacturer of high load aluminum canopies. The pre-engineered canopies have been designed to withstand every condition across the country including high snow drift loading and hurricane force winds.

Mapes Canopies are visually complimentary to most buildings and also virtually maintenance and rust free. They will not need to be repainted every several years to restore their look. In addition, Mapes canopies can readily protect entry doors and shade store front windows. An additional capability for the canopies is the strength and engineered frame structure to accommodate all sorts of signage and lighting that might be desired by the store tenants. 

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MAPES canopies

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