Restaurant Patio Covers & Outdoor Dining Canopies

Baltimore Canvas is the best choice when it comes time to update, upgrade, or expand your outdoor restaurant dining space. We have many options for outdoor dining including awnings, canopies, retractable shades and shade structures.

Baltimore Canvas can create functional and elegant outdoor spaces, to add to your restaurant’s earning potential. We can custom design something that is perfect for your space.

 With our decades of experience we offer the best awning options:

• Custom awning designs to help you expand seating capacity with outdoor dining areas

• Functional open-air spaces for businesses whose seating has been restricted

• Year round seating- we can design and install structures that are completely enclosed and can be used with heaters in the winter months. In the warmer months sides can be opened.

• Engineered to meet snow and wind loads

• Custom canopy and fabric shade structures that can dramatically reduce temperatures during the hot summer months (shade sails)

• Structures to visually enclose areas and make it a streamlined part of your restaurant or hotel

• Awnings and structures to create pet-friendly outdoor dining places

Contact Baltimore Canvas today about your restaurant outdoor awning quote at 410.947.7890 or email

Rio - 4,300 Sq. Ft. Standing Seam Metal Canopy Covering Expansive Outdoor Eating Area

We have permanent options for your outdoor seating area. Our outdoor structures last and provide the right environment for your clients.

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