Standing seam awnings - modern and built to last

Standing Seam Awnings Industrial Park Metal Standing seam shed style Lusby Commons, Maryland

Baltimore Canvas designs and installs metal standing seam awnings in: MD, DC, DE, VA, and PA Since 1917. They are durable and provide protection from the weather, and they’re available in many colors.

While the up-front costs are higher than canvas, the long-term return is substantially better. Typically, standing seam metal awnings last 4-5 times the lifespan of canvas while requiring little to no maintenance with all the same benefits.The durable components include aluminum frame shells and interlocking galvanized steel sheeting or aluminum panels.

A standing seam awning can be used as a window or door awning, architectural canopy, walkway cover or patio cover.

Baltimore Canvas awnings are a smart investment that are built to last. We can handle everything from design to fabrication and installation.

Request a quote from Baltimore Canvas at 410.947.7890 or email

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Standing Seam Awnings are a great investment. They are a solid investment that is built to last.


Request a quote from Baltimore Canvas at 410.947.7890 or email 

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